Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan

Please be aware that this is the fourth book in a series. In order to give even the briefest synopsis, this review may contain spoilers to the first three books. You can read my reviews of The Lightning Thief hereThe Sea of Monsters here, and The Titan's Curse here.

The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Released: May 6, 2008
Age Group: 9-12
Pages: 368
Source: Library
Series: Book 4 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians

After blowing up the school band room, Percy retreats to Camp Half Blood to join Annabeth and Grover in the fight against Luke and the Titans. Soon after his arrival they learn that Luke has found a passage straight into the camp through Daedalus's Labyrinth. In order to stop Luke from invading camp and resurrecting the Titan lord Kronos, Percy must enter the Labyrinth himself. What ensues is a plethora of challenges, choices, and threats devised to throw Percy and his friends off track.

Labyrinth was definitely my favorite of the Percy Jackson series. Daedalus's Labyrinth is just fascinating to me, and putting a contemporary twist to the maze's road blocks was definitely entertaining. Percy really grew up in this installment, and I enjoyed seeing him deal with normal teenage issues in addition to the whole being-the-son-of-a-god thing. As the fourth book in a series of five, Labyrinth was full of action and leaves the reader anxious for book five.


  1. I found you on the Book Hop! I just finished the Sea of Monsters and can't wait to jump into The Curse of the Titans. Have a great weekend!
    PS I'm a new followers cuz I love your reviews!

  2. I've been meaning to read this series but it keeps falling off my radar. Must fix that. Thanks for the review.


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