About Me

I'm Jamie, the person behind the blog. My loves besides reading include music, good food, rainy days, long-sleeved tshirts, and diet coke.

I owe everything bookmarked is to my mom, who instilled in me at a very early age that reading is the core of life.

My fiance, Josh, is truly my better half. He not only tolerates this blog of mine, but is ever supportive and encouraging - even when he does complain about my missing paychecks...

I live in Baton Rouge with Josh and our ever-growing zoo: Belle, Honey, Dexter, Emmy, and Pasqually.

bookmarked has become a labor of love. It's hard work juggling a full-time job, family and friends, and an online presence, but this blog has become an important part of who I am. So, THANK YOU for spending time here - you guys are the ones who make this blog worth it. Happy Reading!

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