Review Policy

Thank you for taking an interest in my review policy! If there is any additional information you need or a question that wasn't answered here, please feel free to email me at jamie(at)bookmarkedblog(dot)com

My reviews include my thoughts, opinions, and reactions. I do not intend or ever claim to be a critical reviewer - I read and blog for the love of it, and my reviews are very subjective. In short, I will tell you whether or not I liked a book and why. If you are looking for a critical analysis, please look elsewhere.

As a book blogger, my integrity is really all I have. My reviews are my own, honest opinions. I review every title I read, which means they are not always positive. However, I typically only read what interests me, and I will not review a book I haven't finished. Because of this, most of the reviews you will find on this blog are positive. The few that are negative are always fair, and I try my best to pick out things that may appeal to other readers. Not every person likes every book, so I try to remind my readers that they may enjoy the reviewed title even if I didn't.

Reviews include the cover, publication details, synopsis (taken from Goodreads, Amazon, jacket, or publisher's website), source of copy, and my personal thoughts. I do not rate the books I review. I typically cross post my reviews on Goodreads and Random Buzzers.

Review Requests

I am NOT currently accepting review requests. Due to a rather large personal event (I just got married in May), I will not be accepting any review requests until August 1, 2012. After that date, the following few paragraphs dictate how I will handle review requests:

I am only interested in receiving young adult titles for review. It is very unlikely that I will accept a pitch for an adult title, and I am very selective when it comes to middle grade. It never hurts to ask, but please be aware of my preferences before you do.

I am now able to accept ebooks and/or PDFs for review. So long as it fits my interest level and is compatible with my Nook, I am perfectly happy to accept your digital copy.

I will not accept self-published novels, and I am extremely picky when it comes from small presses and/or other non-traditional routes.

I will not read a series out of order. If you have a request for a title that is part of a series I haven't read, I will most likely decline unless you can provide copies of its predecessors. I do not feel as if I can give a fair review without adequate knowledge of the entire story.

I do try to respond to every individual review request received. However, when it is obvious by the way I am addressed that the sender hasn't visited my blog or the content is completely irrelevant to YA literature, your email will most likely be deleted.

If I accept a title for review, it does not guarantee that the novel will be read or that a review will be posted. I try my best to read and review every title I receive in a timely manner, but due to my schedule and interest this is not always possible. If I am unable to finish a title or have no interest in it, I will most likely pass it along to another blogger or host a contest.

There will be an earnest attempt to post reviews of all ARCs within two weeks of their publication dates, but again I cannot guarantee this.

Interviews/Guest Posts/Blog Tours

I would love to host an author for an interview, guest post, and/or blog tour. I would prefer to interview authors I am already familiar with; however, there are always exceptions. If it is an author I'm not familiar with, I may require the time to read his/her work beforehand.


Unless otherwise stated, all items given away in contests are purchased by me. If you are a third party interested in bookmarked hosting a giveaway for you, please contact me via email to discuss. Please note that I am only interested in hosting contests for items that will appeal to readers of the YA genre.

All contest entries are gathered through Google documents, and winners are chosen through I typically ask for entrants to provide their mailing addresses up front to expedite the shipping process. This is to insure that the winner receives his/her book in a timely manner. Information is only kept until the prize is shipped. All information will be deleted immediately, and it is not shared with any third party (unless previously disclosed in the event of a publisher giveaway hosted by bookmarked).


Nearly all of the books I receive for review are provided by the publisher or the author via Cavalier House Books. I always disclose the source of the book in each review, even if it is a book I purchased on my own or borrowed from the library. I do not accept/receive monetary compensation for my reviews.

I am an affiliate of Cavalier House Books. Any compensation received will be used to maintain this blog including domain, prizes and shipping for giveaways, etc.

Updated June 8, 2012
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