Thursday, June 2, 2011

BEA Recap: Day 5

Day 5: Thursday

Thursday morning was the second Adult Author Breakfast, which featured Jim Lehrer; Roger Ebert, Anne Enright, and Erik Larson. We received ARCs of Lehrer's Tension City, finished copies of Larson's In the Garden of Beasts, and chapter samples of Ebert's upcoming memoir. Unfortunately the speeches got started a bit late, so we were only able to stay for Jim Lehrer and Roger Ebert. I was really looking forward to Erik Larson, but I was planning on seeing him at a signing later that afternoon so we made our way to the floor for the last day of BEA.

Josh and I split up again to grab copies of Caridad Ferrer's When the Stars Go Blue and Steve Brezenoff's Burning Brooklyn. I was really excited to meet Steve as I loved his debut, The Absolute Value of -1, and I've talked to him on twitter before. I actually won a contest on his blog the week before, so in addition to his new novel, I was able to get a signed copy of |-1|. This was very much appreciated because it was sort of an ordeal for me to get my copy. (I say this jokingly, of course, because I would have waited forever.)

While I was at the Lerner booth chatting with Steve, Josh grabbed copies of Ellen Hopkins's Perfect and Allisa Grosso's Popular. Then I got in Kody Keplinger's line for Shut Out, and I just so happened to be behind Kirsten Hubbard. After that I waited in line for Micol Ostow's Family, but unfortunately she wasn't there so I wasn't able to get a signed copy. I found out later that she got there not long after I left because Steve Brezenoff blogged about getting her signature, and he wasn't too far behind me in line.

After the last of the signings we made our last rounds of the floor. I was able to get a few books from Flux and a few others from various publishers. At some point on Thursday I just so happened to see Sara Zarr tweet about her new book being at the Little Brown booth. So freaking excited to have gotten a copy of that. When we were done scoping everything out, we headed back to our hotel. I had planned on going to the Erik Larson signing that afternoon and then to the This is Teen event at the Scholastic store, but I wasn't feeling very well and opted to stay in. I really wish I would have gone, but I knew I needed to catch up on some sleep if I was going to make it through Friday.

Unfortunately I don't have any other pictures from Thursday. I wasn't feeling well, and Josh was too busy running around for me. I wish we would have taken more pictures of the floor, but there wasn't a whole lot of time to stop and look around without getting run over. I, fortunately, didn't incur anyone rude or pushy, but it was just too crowded to stop and take pictures. Leaving Javits on Thursday was definitely bittersweet. I was worn out but not quite ready to say goodbye to BEA.

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