Saturday, August 14, 2010

I've been interviewed!

Karen at For What It's Worth is currently hosting the Ultimate Reviewers Challenge* which you should totally sign up for if you haven't already. The goal is to post as many reviews throughout the month of August for a chance at prizes. Coinciding with this challenge are several mini challenges and a feature called "Better Know a Blogger."

I was thrilled when Karen asked me to be a part of this feature, and I had a lot of fun answering the list of questions she sent. For What It's Worth reviews books, music, movies, and anything else Karen feels worth sharing her opinion. I love her content, and I was truly honored to be a part of her feature. My interview is up today and can be found HERE. Please stop by, not only for my feature, but because For What It's Worth is definitely worth the trip.

*The Ultimate Reviewers Challenge is also being hosted by Karen's Addictions, All Consuming Book Reviews, and Addicted 2 Novels.

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