Monday, August 16, 2010

God Is in the Pancakes by Robin Epstein

God Is in the Pancakes by Robin Epstein
Publisher: Dial
Released: May 13, 2010
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 272
Source: 1 ARC Tours

Grace works at the local nursing home, which may be surprising, but what's an even bigger surprise is the fact that she actually likes it. This is mostly due to Mr. Sands, an ex-marine with Lou Gehrig's disease whom she befriends. He and Grace constantly try to out-wit one another with their playful and often hilarious banter. Despite Grace's family and best-friend-who-is-a-boy issues, she spends her time at Hanover House learning about life and how to play cards until one day when Mr. Sands asks her to help him die.

I wish I could convey to you my love for this book. Every. single. word. resonated with me. Obviously an author's goal is for readers to relate to the main character(s), but the way I saw myself in Grace was almost scary. Not that I've had someone ask me to help him die, but she kept saying and thinking things that I could totally see myself saying and thinking. This book was an amazing tribute to an honorable man and his fight against a debilitating and fatal disease. But it was also a tribute to that man's loved ones and just how far they'll go to stand by him. This book was bittersweet in the best possible way and vies for a spot on my list of best endings.

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