Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wedding Recap (with some bookish features)

For those of you not so interested in personal posts, I apologize, but I promise there are some bookish things to be found below.

I believe I promised you guys some wedding pictures! I was thrilled to finally get a sneak peek at my photos this past week, and I'm so glad I can finally share them with you. To anyone in the area, I cannot recommend my photographer, Beebe of Studio Tran, enough. From our engagement session to our wedding day, he did a phenomenal job at capturing every important moment.

It was very important to Josh and me for our wedding to reflect who we are. Because books play such an integral role in my life, we chose to incorporate them into our reception decor. Several tables featured a few of my favorite books, from Looking for Alaska to The Book Thief to Hourglass to Jenny Han's Summer series. We also chose a non-traditional guest book in the form of postcards of vintage Penguin covers. Near the end of the reception Josh brought nearly the entire room to tears during his toast where he quoted John Green's The Fault in Our Stars - a book that also traipsed through New Orleans with us during our engagement shoot.

And as a special bonus, my favorite shot from our engagements...


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