Monday, November 21, 2011

Today I have Harper, the main character from Hannah Harrington's Saving June, for an interview of sorts! She is here courtesy of the Teen {Book} Scene blog tour. I really enjoyed Harper's story and was super excited about getting to know her better.

Summer/Winter – Because there’s no school!

Sweet/Salty – Harper has a weakness for potato chips.

Chocolate/Vanilla – Preferably vanilla with sprinkes. It’s okay if there aren’t, though; she’s a low-maintenance girl!

Noise/Silence – Harper’s not exactly a people person.

Light/Dark – She has a penchant for dark colors—wearing a lot of black hoodies and black nail polish.

Pancake/Waffle – Her dad used to make them every Sunday morning when she was a kid.

Early bird/Night owl – Harper is the kind of person who hits the snooze button ten times in the morning.

Truth/Lies – The truth can hurt, but she’ll always take it over what is easy.

Neat/Messy – Much to her mother’s ire! She missed out on the organizational gene.

Past/Future – Harper’s learned that it’s better to look to the future instead of holding on to the past.

Thanks, Harper (and Hannah) for stopping by bookmarked today!

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