Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BEA Recap: Day 3

Day 3: Tuesday

Tuesday was the first day of BEA which for us started with the Children's Author Breakfast featuring Julianne Moore, Katherine Paterson, Sarah Dessen, Brian Selznick, and Kevin Henkes. In addition to hearing these wonderful authors speak, we got a signed Freckleface Strawberry poster, an ARC of Wonderstruck, and finished copies of What Happened to Goodbye, Junonia, and Little White Rabbit. All of the authors were wonderful, and I was really glad I made the decision to attend. (For those of you who don't know, general admission was $20 and seated breakfast was $40. This is per person per breakfast (there was one each day) which may seem expensive, but to me the general admission was well worth the goodies and the speeches.)

After that I made my way to the autograph line for Rita Williams-Garcia's One Crazy Summer. Then I made my way over to the Sarah Dessen line which was ridiculously long but moved very quickly. After that Josh and I did a lot of wandering around and grabbed a bite to eat. At some point I saw a girl with an ARC of Jessica Rules the Dark Side, and I immediately booked it over to the Houghton Mifflin booth to request a copy. (I loved the first book so so much!) I was too intimidated to just flat out ask for review copies (even though it's perfectly fine to do), so Josh walked over to Scholastic and came back with ARCs of Forever and The Scorpio Races. The girl there told him she was going to make him the best fiance ever, and she was absolutely right :)

We got tickets (super cute magnets) for the Daniel Handler signing. I love the idea behind his YA title Why We Broke Up, so I HAD to get a copy. He literally took the time to tell a story to every single person in line, which I thought was really awesome of him. He told me the story of a middle school girlfriend also named Jamie and why they broke up. I also was able to get an autographed copy of A Touch Mortal which I've been wanting to read. Our last stop of the day was to the Ellie Krieger signing. Josh is a personal chef so he obviously had to stop by. I was really glad there was something there for him, too.

Later that night we headed to Brooklyn to visit Greenlight Bookstore and Di Fara for more pizza. Unfortunately Di Fara was closed and we missed our stop on the subway (multiple times...) so we ended up at a Mexican place in the West Village. Josh was a little disappointed with his dish, but I must say my enchiladas were out of this world. On our way back to the hotel we walked around Columbus Circle and snapped a few pictures before calling it a night.

At the hotel Josh, Michelle, John, and I looked at our spread and deemed day one of BEA a huge success!

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