Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Former child prodigy Colin Singleton is looking for a way to make his mark on the world. After graduating high school, Colin realizes he is good at anagramming, learning foreign languages, and getting dumped by girls named Katherine. Nineteen of them to be exact. An Abundance of Katherines begins with a broken hearted Colin who has just been dumped by KXIX. Colin's best friend Hassan decides it is the perfect time for a road trip and convinces Colin to spend his summer driving across the country instead of moping around his bedroom. The trip stops short in Gutshot, TN where Colin and Hassan meet Lindsey Lee Wells and start working for her mom Hollis. Friends are made, lessons are learned, and Colin finally gets to the bottom of his Theorem, which may or may not prove that Colin is destined to chase after and be dumped by Katherines forever.

I've already told you I've heard great things about John Green. And I've already told you how much I loved Looking for Alaska. But now that I'm no longer a John Green virgin, I have to tell you how amazing I think he is... JOHN GREEN IS AMAZING!! He is funny and nerdy and witty and oh-so-clever. I just love his characters and their dialogue. The banter and sarcasm between Colin and Hassan and Lindsey and her mom had me cracking up. I received the side eye from Josh several times when my laughing interrupted his TV time. Oops ;) It's really no wonder that both of Green's books I've read received the Printz Honor Award. (Katherines was an honor book in 2007, and Alaska won the award in 2006.) So please, the next time you're in your local library or bookstore, look up John Green. I promise you won't be disappointed.


  1. I haven't read John Green yet but since you said he was "amazing" I might just have to give him a try.

  2. I really enjoyed this book too! So funny! John Green really IS awesome! :)


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