Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tens List with Elisa Ludwig

Today I have Elisa Ludwig, author of Pretty Crooked, on the blog for an interview of sorts!


Psychologist: I'm always intrigued by how people think.
Pastry Chef/Ice Cream Maker: I love baking and making ice cream at home.
Painter: I almost went to art school but chose a liberal arts education instead.
Travel Writer: Probably doesn't need an explanation!
Namer of Things: It's an actual job! I just read a great New Yorker article about it.
Interior Decorator: I still lament the passing of the late great Domino magazine.
Florist: How could you ever be in a bad mood?
Bed and Breakfast Owner: I may still do this later on.
Librarian: Seems very peaceful and fulfilling.
Professional Scrabble Player: I'd need a lot of practice to get there, but it sounds like fun, right?

Thanks for having me, Jamie. It's been super fun!

Thanks, Elisa, for stopping by bookmarked today! Several of those occupations are also tempting to me, especially a Travel Writer. Be sure to check out the other tour stops for more interviews, guest posts, and reviews!

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