Monday, February 7, 2011

Get your flu shot...

or smack yourself in the head like I've been doing all week when you catch it. But I guess that's what happens when you actually catch up on reviews, have some posts scheduled, and have a little time to breathe. Fate intervenes and hands you the flu. Pity party over. Good news for you is that while I was home from work, in bed, and unable to move I read. I read a lot. And I read some pretty fantastic books for future reviews. You see, I hit the review pile and I hit it hard. Sadly, my reviews won't be up for a while due to future release dates, BUT lucky for you I'm posting some sneak peaks to tide you over. I was blown away by these novels, and frankly I can't be waiting around for publication dates to share them with you. You're welcome ;)

Strings Attached
Judy Blundell
March 1
This book was deliciously dirty - full of mobsters, schemes, and nightclubs all in 1950 New York City. I loved the way the city came to life, and the spunk Kit brought to it. I stayed up way too late finishing this mysterious read, unable to wait until morning for the ending.

Jersey Tomatoes Are the Best
Maria Padian
March 8
I love this book I love this book I love this book! Henry and Eva are the sweetest of friends, and their story is the sweetest of friendships. How lucky are we who have friends to look out for us and take care of us even when we don't realize we need it?

Like Mandarin
Kirsten Hubbard
March 8
Haven't we all wanted to be like someone? Grace longs to be someone, somewhere outside of Washokey, Wyoming. So much that she can feel it in her bones, and I could feel it in mine while reading. Kirsten is so incredibly thoughtful and inspiring on her blog it's really no wonder she can create a novel with the same characteristics.

Between Shades of Gray
Ruta Sepetys
March 22
I don't know what was more heartbreaking - the story or the fact that this part of history is so widely unknown. I studied WWII on a university level and had no idea any of this happened. Read this book. Tell others to read this book. As Elie Wiesel said in his Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, "...I have tried to keep memory alive . . . I have tried to fight those who would forget. Because if we forget, we are guilty, we are accomplices."

Lauren DeStefano
March 22
Holy dystopia! Just when you think you've read it all, another fabulous addition to the genre comes out. The world Lauren created was brilliant - and all with the main character trapped on a single floor of a mansion for the majority of the novel! Bring on the rest of the trilogy!

Myra McEntire
May 24
This debut is as stunning as its cover. The story found inside is built like a Southern woman - full of class and charm, attitude and strength - something its author knows all about. I will bet this blog when this book comes out, sparks will fly.

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  1. These all look so good! I'm especially interested in Like Mandarin. Can't wait! (:


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